Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Technical day

After a sweaty round of Zumba; sometimes I think I'm really getting it, then other times like tonight it is as if I'm taking the class for the first time. Hmmph. Maybe I need to stop stressing the steps so much and enjoy the music more. In the gym, three sets ten reps each of bar jump squats. That is a heart-rate raiser! 3x5x70 struggling bench presses, 3x5x55 overhead press. Then, 3x5x70 hang cleans, 1x4x70 in the middle there. After that I was as done as they come. At home I didn't feel like cooking, but there was a chicken breast left over from yesterday, so I took most of the meat off of that and put it in the bottom of a bowl, a couple of tablespoons of leftover refried beans on that. I poured in a can of tomato soup and a half can of water, and put a slice of cheddar chipotle cheese on top and heated the whole thing up. Can you say yummy? It was so freaking good and not too terrible as far as healthiness goes either.

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