Monday, May 9, 2011

PRs scheduled tonight

Training plan for tonight, Squats 3x3x100 lbs, focusing on getting deep and keeping my head in it. Deadlifts 2x1x155. This will happen after Spin class to warm up. I've been visualizing the squats and re-reading Rip's squat chapter to prepare mentally for this. 95 lbs is still not easy so getting my brain in gear with the bigger weight is key. Also, I've changed my mind about letting my hair grow all summer, I miss being able to style it easily. The man jokes about the one-inch haircuts I get. Update later. The haircut looks good, and feels like about five pounds of excess is gone, very happy about that.
Lifts, on the other hand...Squats were rough. On the first set of three with 100 I good morning-ed and knee collasped on the last one. So I did two sets of two keeping strict form, then two sets of three again. Deadlifts were even worse, two sets of one rep at 145- painful! Just sucked. I didn't take care of myself this weekend and it showed under the bar.

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