Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday heavy lifts

Friday's workout turned into Saturday. I did 3x5x95 squats which got a little ugly at the end, and 1x5x135 deadlifts. Plan for Monday is 3x5x100 squats and 1x5x140 deadlifts. Home behaving and eating protein today which should help make it happen. I may be watching the niece on Tues and Thursday nights, and considering taking the four pm yoga classes at those times. That makes it, Monday Spin and heavy lift, Tues yoga, Weds Zumba and power lift day (bench, overhead press, jump squat, hang cleans)Thurs yoga, Friday Zumba and lifting. Only three cardio days then unless I add some weekend work or exchange the yoga for Spin, which is offered at the same time. We will see.

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