Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yesterday's workout, the first since last Wednesday

It is mind-blowing how easy it is to let a missed workout snowball into almost a week. Yesterday I did squats, 4x4x95, ugly ones at that, and deadlifts 1x5x135, 1x2x135, 12 overhead presses with the bar only and left. I did a spin class before that. This afternoon I am taking a core class at 4pm followed by Zumba, the last time I took that core class my abs felt it for two days afterward, and my abs really need help as I just hate to do them consistently on my own and it is a place fat collects. Tomorrow, Thursday will be a technical day, with three sets of 10 reps jump squats with the bar, bench press, overhead press and hang cleans. I haven't decided what time I am going to go yet, which will determine what i do for a warmup. Friday Zumba, then Saturday morning squats and deadlifts, need to be relatively early as I am going to a baseball game in the afternoon at 2:30.

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