Wednesday, May 25, 2011

non-lifting day

Sheesh was I sore and tired today, I kept falling asleep! In spite of that I went to the gym for the Core class which was good. The instructor includes plenty of stretching which I need, and the stretching component shows the parts that do get flexibility from lifting, my hip flexors for example are as strong as they are flexible. Then I took half of Zumba, just wasn't feeling it and there was a substitute who couldn't really remember the dances and suddenly cried out 'Freestyle!" in the middle of songs. She was both amusing and annoying. So, walking down the hall leaving my aborted workout, one of the gym employees invited my to... Climb the wall! Yay, and perfect timing too, so we harnessed me up and at it i went. That was pretty damm fun and I will do it again as soon as I walk by and it is adult time.

Tomorrow is technical day, jump squats, bench presses- I'm going to try one-handed dumbbell presses. Then overhead press and hang cleans.

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