Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Abs, Zumba and power cleans

Is that an odd combination of training or what? I got to Zumba class at the wrong time, it was actually an abs class so I took it. Next, Zumba, which is getting a little easier although there are still songs/ dances that have me clueless. It did sweat me up and warm me up perfectly to lift. I haven't done any lifts other then squats and deadlifts for a month. As those are progressing I am adding a day in between to work presses, bench and power cleans. Unfortunately I forgot my towel which canceled bench press, overhead press was ok at 3x5x55. Hang cleans started out sloppy, due to the long neglet of the lift, but cleaned up (see what I did there?) nicely. 4x5x55. So, intro to upper body lifting went well. I was freaking ravenous afterwards. I ate a breaded chicken breast with a slice of brie melted on top, 4 oz of tilapia, a blender full of raw spinach and a shot of hot sauce, a piece of chocolate cake and large glass of organic skim milk. yeah, lots of food!

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