Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I had a blast at the game yesterday. Take it from me, if you get a chance to go to a sporing event with a person who works for that sporting organization, go! From parking in the insanely close employee parking lot, to incredible seats (Free) and being ushered to the head of every line, it was great fun. Fast forward to Sunday and the gym...
Squat, bench, deadlift. I warmed up with ten minutes on the arc climber and 15 back extensions. My squat work sets were 3x5x95, 1x5x100, 1x3x100. Standard bench press 3x5x70, then dumbbell bench 3x6x25, one armed pressed 2x5x25 (those are a killer and work the core too which I need). Deadlifts 2x2x145 and that was it, wandered out of the gym in a daze. I'm taking Monday off to recover, my little parts, wrists and ankles are where I feel weakness and need to recuperate. Tuesday will be technical day, jump squats 3x8x55, overhead press 3x5x60, hang cleans 3x5x75. No problem!

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