Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday training

Training tonight; Zumba first to warm up, then squats and deadlifts. I haven't been able to squat 5 reps across at 95 lbs, going for it tonight and if that doesn't happen I am going to add five pounds to the bar Monday anyway and go for 5x3. Deadlifting 150 for 5 reps tonight. Update: I did get 3x5x95 on squats tonight; my mind balked a little and I did my first partial squat, which pissed me off. Low baby, low. Deadlifts were a little off plan, ended up with three sets of two reps of the 150. Jeez i can hardly type now! Thanks for the comment Kyle, I have been modifying the program (or not effing doing it as Rip would say) by changing the programming a bit as far as adding the weight goes.Sometimes after I add weight it takes two weeks to build up to the 3x5, and sometimes, like with deadlifts I can't seem to rep them out and lift as heavy as desired. All right, time to eat.

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  1. To my mind, in every session we should try to do more - more weight, or more reps, or more sets. So your attitude of "screw, I'll add weight anyway" is exactly right.

    But something else you can do is to add reps or sets. If in one session you get 5,5,3, and then in the next you get 5,5,4, then you did more, all good. But if next time you get 5,5,4 again, you can just do a fourth set - even if you just do 1 rep, that's more than you did before.

    Then in the following session you could aim for a 6th rep in the first set. And so on. There are lots of ways to do more than you did before, don't take a sets/reps scheme as graven in stone. I like your bloody-mindedness in just adding weight anyway. It often works.