Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something different

I took the UFC class tonight- which to my chagrin started out by sprinting around the soccer field OUTSIDE, but it wasn't too hot so it was okay. Then we all went back upstairs and did the usual circuit training andsprint intervals on the treadmills. So, it was pretty fun, I'll do it again on Thursday night for a change of pace and a new challenge. That will have to count as a light lifting day, tomorrow I'll have an easy run 5k or so on the treadmill and then plan to max out lifts on Saturday.

Saturday, however, is not without its possible issues as my stylist is having a Spring Fling at his salon and I absolutely have to go as he invites me to everything and I never show up. Also, Friday is my little niece's birthday, which means it may be celebrated on Saturday. If so that will fill the day up even more. I've been working on a piece of art for her for a month now. She loves sparkels and swimming, so I painted a mermaid for her with crystal eyes and other crystals sprinkled around, and sequin fish and mermaid tail. I hope she likes it!

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