Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Whoa, a change of heart?

So I was on a strength forum last night, browsing posts and I usually check the posts by women lifters as there aren't many of us and I like to see how they are doing. One in particualr is very strong, and recently squatted 300 pounds. I had to check out the video, and here is when it happened. I think she is way too, wait for it....bulky! This is a personal freak out because, on paper, a woman who is dedicated to lifting and outlifts many guys should be someone I look up to, and here I am somewhat, hmm what is the word? Replused is too strong a word, taken aback is too weak a phrase so I'm not sure.

It could be her genetics, or she could be on steroids for all I know (which Is why I'm not linking to the person) as high-level female lifters usually look like normal yet superfit women (not to be confused with female bodybuildrs on steroids who totally look like guys). Huh. Something to think about.

My lifts tonight should go up to 130 lb squats, 70 lb presses, 90 lb bench if a spotter is around, and, because I'm maxing out on all the previous lifts, 3 x 3 x 135 deadlifts. I will update later with the results.

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