Friday, November 26, 2010

Cat emery board, the sequel

The leather sectional was showing claw marks, and as the cats don't enjoy the trimming experience, I bought a Cat Emery Board. Having read lots of negative reviews of the website, I picked it up at Target for $19.99. It is a scratch pad that is supposed to file the sharp points off of the cat's claws while being fun and good for the cats. The big boy cat had taken ownership of it, I don't know if the little girl cat is really uninterested of if he is being territorial. Either way, I never see her on it.  It has been two months since the purchase, at first neither cat used it, but with time the boy has become a regular clawing away on it. Brace yourself for the noise, it sounds exactly like a cat destroying something expensive. I need to check myself to keep from reprimanding him from the noise by looking to see what is going on.
Is it keeping his nails trimmed? Sort of. When I check his claws there is usually one or two that needs the tip clipped and the others are short and smooth. To me, that's worth it. Its easier for both of us to clip one or two claws at a time. I am considering buying another one and putting it somewhere that the girl cat can get to it in private in the hope she will use it without him being domineering.

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