Monday, November 1, 2010

Gotta love the disappearing post

So I'll try again. Today was my first training session after vacation, and I was dragging my feet, really not wanting to do it, but made myself. It was worth it. Strange that I didn't want to do something that makes me feel so good somehow afterward. Still working on squats, knees wanted to come in and felt less then strong but pushed through for three work set of four reps at 75 lbs. Not great but will become better. Bench presses were good at 70 lbs, strong and used my back too. Deadlifts were good too, a full set of five at 135. My form needs work on everything and that is the plan, stay at this weight for the next session and add 5 lbs after that. Training left me pleasantly spent and a bit shaky, so I ate protein in the form of tuna and salmon (two different meals) blended a green smoothie of fresh spinach and hot sauce, and had pineapple cubes. I read somewhere that the enzymes in pineapple are good for helping nutrients do their thing in the body. If I find it I'll link Here it is! up. Lifting was this morning then took a fast-paced three mile walk tonight. So it's back to routine in a good way, two months from now- SKIING!

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