Thursday, November 11, 2010

Second workout with a smashed toe

Gearing up for the second training session since the horrific toe incident. I hope this one is a lot better! Tuesday's session was a plethora of suck, from the weaker then usual squats, to complete left side weakness during presses and cleans. I couldn't even smile at the other gym-goers. I tried to make it worthwhile with some incline presses, thinking that as one doesn't stand during them it would be an acceptable substitute, but the hooks are in exactly the wrong place for my body, the higher ones are a strain to reach and the lower too low. I pulled some 95 lb straight-legged deadlifts and did two sets of back extensions and called it a day.
The plan for today is squat, bench, deadlift, two sets of back extensions and lat pulldowns.
Edited to add: back from the gym, it wasn't as bad as Tuesday's workout. Squats still stuck at 65 but whatever, bench down to 75 lbs, deadlift still at 135 and I was fighting for it. I did three sets of lat pulldowns, 2 at 70 lbs and one at 80, two sets of chest flys with 15 lb dumbbells then 20 lb, and three sets 15 reps back extensions.
In other news, I was going to post pics of the 'fit shorts' which now fit as well as they ever will, but the pics turned out awful! No wonder my boyfriend hated those shorts. I look like Spongegirl Squarebutt in the pics. Let's just blame that on the bad cam angle (and never wear those shorts in public!) Instead, for your viewing pleasure, here is a current toe pic.

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