Friday, November 12, 2010

Fighting crime!

So, my sweet little neighborhood had two questionable houses, or actually, two houses with questionable people living in them. After a few weeks of watching cars pull up in the street, a person going out to the car and chatting, smoking with the driver for a while, then the car driving away, I am tired of this. What to do? Well it is time to get over inherent shyness and get to know the non-criminal neighbors. I started today by introducing myself to the lady who owns and rents out the house across the street, she has the low-down on just about everyone and called the cops on the newest undesireable neighbor earlier this week. As that was painless, actually sort of fun, my next mission is to introduce myself to the other lady across the street and the ex-military guy on the other corner. Hopefully when we all know who the others are, and have opened communication, it will make our block less friendly to the bad guys. Wish me luck!

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