Monday, November 8, 2010

Just got a nice pedicure and broke my toe!

Yesterday was great- most of it! Went out for oysters on the half shell, smoked mullet spread and gator sausage. Then watched a movie, Stolen with Jon Hamm and Josh Lucas and was about to find out what happened to Warrick on CSI (sometimes I get distracted from watching a show and never return again, resulting in mysteries) when, during a commercial break, I went to the kitchen. This is where it happened. Opening up the freezer for an ice cube, a frozen beer mug crash landed right on my toe. Holy shit that was a bloody painful mess. This woman hardly ever takes an aspirin and I was begging for painkillers, which we did not have. That damn toe hurt all night long, finally stopped this morning. I haven't decided if training is in the cards for today.

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