Friday, November 5, 2010

Napping may ease DOMS

Yesterday was squat, clean, press and straight-leg deadlift day, and today I am refreshingly not sore. One reason I took two rest days between training this week was due to the delayed onset muscle soreness experienced after deadlifting Monday. Normally, I would have said the hell with it just go lift, but I came across an article (will link when I find it) that said DOMS is related to rhabdo which scared me into waiting until fully recovered. In brief, rhabdo is a horrible result of dehydration and over-exercising which can be fatal. I didn't expect anything so extreme (one never does) but as I was coming off a week lay-off from lifting and there is relatively little information out there about 43 y/o women beginning to lift and the effects of that, decided to proceed with caution.
Squatted 65 lbs, nice form, cleans were at 55 lbs, presses 50 lbs, straight-leg deads 85 lbs. So either the same or a bit lower after the week off and I was so done after the session. Later that day I indulged in a good nap as well as sleeping in this morning and now feel good. The straight-legged deads really pushed my hamstrings to the point of concern but today is fine. I think the sleep made a positive difference.

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