Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Christmas debate (non-religious)

It happens every year. At least one, usually more, of my friends complains about Christmas decorations, Santas, etc. appearing everywhere before Thanksgiving. I strongly disagree. I'm sure this comes from moving to Florida when I was five, but to me Christmas is the best holiday and why not extend it for two months? I remember wearing cute fur-trimmed coats (mine was navy-blue w light-blue fur trim) navy tights, fluffy hats, walking home from kindergarten looking down at the snow melting into oily puddles at the side of the road, The oil, water, ice mixture turned into shiny dark rainbows at my feet. Now, even though many years we can wear shorts and flip-flops for the winter holidays (extremely disappointing!), I long for jewel-toned velvet, fur trims, fluffy scarves and long leather gloves. Christmas means jewelry, perfume and lingerie in pretty boxes. It means getting dressed up, so rare when one lives in the land of capris year-round. Your make-up doesn't sweat off and one looks and feels comfortable and beautiful. It is the time of year that I wish was all year round, okay we could have two months of hottish weather to keep it special. Extending Christmas is an extension of my favorite fantasy time.

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