Friday, June 22, 2012

Ouch my hands!

Hit the climbing wall with my niece last night, my hands are claw-like today. If we keep this up I may have Popeye forearms eventually. The wall that sticks out is still my nemisis. The plan of attack for that is to do a mid-range climb to warm-up next time and then go to the Nemesis Climb right after while my hands are still fresh. I also hope they are recovering now and will be stronger next time. The bright side of being unable to lift heavy weights while my back is effed up is the chance to do this other fun stuff I've wanted to but always passed up in favor of lifting.
My sister is taking this nutrition class that has the students track their daily food intake and compare it to what is needed, according to this class a woman between 31-50 with average daily activity needs 5 oz of protein a day, and protein does not build muscle. Well, I know it doesn't build it all by itself, but it is still a pretty important component one would think. The jury is out on whether that info is crap or not, but according to it she has been taking in way too much protein for quite a while.

She doesn't do any resistance training, sprints on the treadmill combined with high/low interval work is her preferred form of exercise, and she has the lack of muscular tissue to show for it. I'm starting to track my food intake too out of curiousity.

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