Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I did it again.

Tweaked my back, this time on the right lower side. I can, however, look all the way to the left now, so at least only one part of me breaks at a time<- silver lining! Yesterday was a long boring day, so I wrapped up work early and went to the gym. Squats, 1 x 12 x air, 1 x 10 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 5 x 95, 1 x 5 x 115, 1 x 3 x 125, 3 x 3 x 130 fine, felt good so added another set, 1 x 2 x 130 and this is where I crunched the back. Lost tightness at a crucial moment I guess. That was pretty early in the session so I moved on to bench presses even though getting down on the bench was uncomfortable. 1 x 10 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 5 x 85, 2 x 4 x 90, 4 x 3 x 90. Not too bad, esp considering the gimpiness of me at this time. My notes on the log say, "So pissed I could cry."

Then, my niece turned up all red from running and said she needed to do something to perk up her butt and boobs. Of course I showed her how to squat, she used the 35 lb bar. I decided to see how deadlifts went, 2 x 5 x 135, 1 x 3 x 135, back acted up again and ended that session for me. Also, after benching I went to the front desk and got two of those instant ice packs and stuck them in the waistband of my yoga pants. That helped a little. Hardcore is me, yes.

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