Saturday, October 27, 2012

Not menopause (squeamish men stop reading here)

It's meno-all-the-freaking-time-nonstop! I haven't been posting as I've been waiting for my back to heal completely before lifting again. It's fucking killing me. Not the back, that is gradually getting better, the waiting. Is the hardest part. And at the same time my period has decided not to stop, possibly ever! It's been a week, soon I'm going to see a doctor. Ugh. What a thought. The brightside is that I surely can't be pregnant, remember the sex mentioned in my earlier post? Any other brightsides? Well, maybe having to buy an unusually large quantity of tampons is helping to stimulate the economy. So I'm putting on some comfy clothes, workout wear is good for this too, and ready to buy some iron-rich foods. Monday I plan to be back in the gym, will walk, possibly yoga, lat pull-downs, see how hyperextensions go, squat the bar and 65 lbs, basically test it out.

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