Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The usual not so great sleep after lifting

So it was not a problem to get up early for 6am Yoga, plus I wanted to check the news to see how the NE was handling the storm. In any of these storms it seems like people live in separate universes as in, it was nothing! just wind and rain! To, 16 people dead. Like I said yesterday, when a storm passes you by, be happy don't be a dick about it. Anyway, up for yoga, put on my shiny silver moon boots cuz its cold here (60 degrees F ha!) and forgot it was no-yoga Tuesday. So there I was at the gym with footwear that was impossible to do anything in. I chatted with my buddy who works there, made plans to go to a Halloween party tomorrow night and left. Yoga happened later that morning here at home.

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