Saturday, October 13, 2012

Working out a plan

Yesterday I took the whole day off from the gym, worked, paid bills and then worked around the house. Today I slept in, it was wonderful. So, it's alternative lift day which needs to be both organized and played by strength.

I can either keep the warm-up as light squats, push-ups and overhead presses or do volume squats to 115 5 x 5. This is tricky because the light warm-up is better for strong presses and therefore strong shoulders but squats in general are my weak point so should I keep the focus on them even on light day? I also consider that many of the other women's logs show their squats far heavier than mine, while I easily bench and press more then them. That leads to the question,am I weird and should make up the disparity, or just go with the difference? When my arms are down by my side and relaxed they aren't crazy muscular or anything, so that part isn't important yet.

My back feels good today, so I'll start with back squats and work up to 5 x 5 x 115 for volume, then move on to clean and press until those get too heavy, hopefully around 80 lbs, then morph into 5 x 3 power cleans, still working on getting 5 x 3 x 80. Then play with overhead squats being careful with the knees. After all that, walk 2.5 miles on the treadmill.

Reminder to myself, Artwalk and Duos downtown tonight.

Very good session today but I lost my log- poo! Back squats 1 x 12 x air, 1 x 10 x 45, 1 x 5 x 65, 1 x 5 x 95, 5 x 5 x 115. Clean and press 1 x 5 x 45, 1 x 3 x 55, 1 x 3 x 65, 2 x 2 x 75. Power cleans 2 x 1 x 75, x 3 x 75, 5 x 3 x 80, 1 x 2 x 80( this was an ugly set with a miss in the middle). I was dreading overhead squats at this point but actually had fun doing them. 1 x 5 x 45, 1 x 3 x 55, 1 x 3 x 65, 1 x 1 x 70, 2 x 2 x 70, struggled with these, then I think I got 5 x 5 x 65 damn where did that piece of paper go? Also, saw one of my former advice givers squatting next to me. This was the first time I paid attention to what he was doing, he had 315 loaded up, tampon on the bar, 1/8 squats with a spotter. Glad I ignored his advice. Home at 2pm feeling totally relaxed and glad I made the lifts.

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