Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finally, a decent session

My programming is all over the place, forgive me if you are trying to follow along. After chatting with a girl in Spin yesterday who always runs a mile to start her workouts, I was intrigued. After all, I used to enjoy running outside when it was bearable (God Summer be over with already!!) I started the session with a mile walk.jog. After warming up for five minutes I alternated between 4mph and 5 until the mile was up.

Then jump squats weren't that appealing, so I decided to do sets of 5 across regular low-bar squats and work my way up to whatever. 1x 10x air, 1x5x bar, 1x5x 65, 1x5x 85, 1x5x 105. These were sort of hard, so i did 3x5x 105 thinking about a reset. After the three sets however, I could keep going so I loaded the bar to 115 and did 3x3x 115. Even then, I wasn't 'done' but stopped in order to end on a positive note. Yay me!

Continued with 3x5x 57.5 standing presses, and 1x3x 135 deadlifts, then 3x2x 145. I finished eating and feel pretty good, not overly wiped out.

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