Sunday, September 4, 2011

Back home and at it again

The plan of eating lots of protein didn't work out in the land of pasta and pastries, which meant I either had sandwiches when they were available or skipped the meal completely. After a week of unfamiliar food, drinking, grief and family stress (there were some good times too) I am still feeling weak. That said, I had to get in the gym anyway today.

Squat work sets were 2x4x 115, 1x4x 120, 1x3x 120 with the third rep a bailout. Overhead press 1x8xbar, 2x5x 50, 1x6x 50. Deadlifts, 1x3x 135, 2x2x 135. There you have it, not great but not bad considering I feel less then normal today. I'm hoping for a good yoga class tomorrow, Tuesday is the instructor i don't care for, so lifting in the evening with squats again, 3x5x 120 (may as well go for it) dumbell bench and one-handed, 3x6x 25, and power cleans 5x3x 70. Wednesday yoga and spin class, Thursday squat, overhead press, deadlift, Friday some conditioning, maybe truck pushing.

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