Friday, September 23, 2011

Good workout tonight

Warmup, one mile 4.0/ 5.5 intervals, felt good and easy. Squats, 1x10x air, 1x8x bar, 1x3x 65, 1x3x 85, 1x3x 105, 1x3x 115, 3x3x 125, 1x2x 125, 3x5x 115. Next time I'll try 130 again, if that isn't a go will go to 3x3x 127.5, then 3x5x 120. The idea behind this is to keep adding weight to the bar while also keeping a good volume and success rate.

Overhead press was 1x5x bar, 1x3x 55, 3x3x 67.5. Deadlifts were 1x3x 135, 1x1x 145, 3x1x 155. Staying home tonight avoiding alcohol and secondhand smoke, tomorrow is yoga, Sunday lift again.

Plan for Sunday, squat by threes up to 130, see how it goes, finish w 3x5x 120. Dumbbell bench up to 3x3x 35, keep the one-handed at 30 lbs. Power cleans, 5x3x 72.5. The warmup intervals up to 5.6 mph.

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