Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday night session

I didn't go Tuesday because it was raining, bad excuse, I know. It was still rainy Wednesday and the gym wasn't crazy crowded so that was good. Squats were 1x4x 115, 3x3x 120, 1x2x 115, 1x3x 115, 3x5x 105. I did a lot of back up sets due to disappointment at the 120 lb work sets being rather lame. I am starting to feel more like myself and stronger then the shaky leaf of Sunday.

I used the 25 pound dumbbells again to do 3x6x 25 of both bench presses and one handed bench press. Power cleans 1x3x 75, 1x2x 75, very ugly, dropped down to 70 pounds for 5x3x 70, then several 1 rep pratices for form with Eric. The yoga class this morning was essential, there is a bit of the 'broken doll' feeling but I bet it would be alot worse if I didn't go.

Friday I need to lift early as a friend is celebrating her birthday at 7pm which is my normal lifting time. Looking for squats 3x5x 120, overhead press 3x5x 55, deadlift 1x5x 140.

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