Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wrist pain

My wrists have been sore since lifting Friday night. They are pretty delicate for such a robust woman and wrist issues run in the family. My sister had to stop doing gymnastics at the Elite level because hers were so bad. She also had a broken back that healed itself so she wasn't the type to complain about little things. After reflecting on that, I've decided to drop deadlifts back to 135 for reps when I do them and see how it goes. If I decide to go to straps I'll need to take a session at the other gym to learn how to use them properly. Good thing I found programming that focuses on squats.

So today, squats by threes up to 130, then 3x5x 120. Dumbbell bench 3x3x 35 (more reps if possible) One-handed up to 30 lbs. Power cleans 72.5 5x3. Warmup 1 mile, 4.0 and 5.6 intervals. Eh voila!

The warm-up went really well, was easy and my heart-rate went down when it was supposed to. I can see how people get into running. Squats were good, got 2x3x 130, then an annoying mirror cleaning gym employee got all up in my space so I had to replace the bar at one rep on my third and hardest set, to wait for him to get out of my way. He saw me giving him the evil eye and set the bar down, and said,

"That's probably too much weight for you."

Yeah, I was pissed. Did 1x2x 130 after that, then 3x5x 120, 1x5x 115. I am happy with my performance anyway.

Bench press, up to 35 lb dumbells, 1x3x 35, 1x4x 35, 1x5x 35, better then planned. Power cleans 5x3x 75, good cleans, only hit my neck twice.

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