Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Tonight is squat jumps, 3x10xbar, maybe I'll start with a set of eight, then three of ten. Overhead press 3x5x 57.5 microplate time. Deadlifts 1x5x 145. I bought three new shirts to wear to the gym as the way those cap sleeve push up and look like some odd muscle shirt on me is disgusting. I don't know why women's t-shirts all have those dinky sleeves that make my arms look bigger and not feminine. So, I had to buy men's T-shirts to get a longer short sleeve that ultimately looks more graceful. I tried the wash and dried top on with yoga pants this morning and it looks a lot better then the former. This should help with having to lift in front of the mirror at least.

I just saw that the yoga instructor I prefer has a class at four today. Work has been dead, and I am tempted to take yoga, Spin and then lift. Crazy?

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