Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Running with Heidi

I knew it would be tough. Somehow my sister got the blond hair, long legs and natural running abiltiy. I'm still better at lifting weights! So, we went for an interval run, her pace the majority of the way- had to be 7 miles per hour. I did my best and she did get worn out towards the end which is when I demonstrated my mellow long distance pace. It felt so much better- to me, she was surprised anyone could go that slow, it didn't allow her to stretch out her legs. Surprisingly, I don't want to kill her. Hey, I need the variety in training at this point. Plus, I can always get back at her in the weight room. Tomorrow, more running but no specific plan yet. I have dinner plans with a friend so it depends on when he wants to meet if mt run will be before or after.

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