Sunday, March 4, 2012

two runs to one lift

When I wrote Friday's post I forgot that from now until the run my training sessions will be two runnning days, then a lifting day. So everything I put for Sunday will actually be tomorrow. If I have to hang and just maintain my lifts for these two weeks that is okay. The focus is on running, even though I like lifting more.
Today was great, cool and windy so I went to the local park to practice running on a trail. A bummer indeed it was to discover that the trails were closed due to 'high wind'. This entire state is against my type of weather. I ran the half-mile of trail that was opne and drove to my usual sidewalk path and ran three miles there.
When I go there my chronic fatigue was in full forse, I could have totally gone to sleep in the truck or turned around and driven home and crawled into bed. But I talked myself into getting out, telling myself that even if it turned into a three-mile walk I was going to do something. Once I got going it was okay, and as usual, I'm glad I did it.

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