Monday, July 23, 2012

At the emergency room

With my man who has strep throat and still waiting for the rest of the test results to come back. This disrupts things. First of all, I need to avoid getting this and that is hard to do when you live with someone. Also, I have been up since 4am and when I get home need to take care of the pets and deal with work. Today is supposed to be a heavy day and I don't know if it is gong to happen. At least the hospital had a good open wifi, its the little things, right?
Things to do: take a shower; get small laptop and charger for C.; go to hospital; find out if they found my keys; go to grocery store for food. (very Important, as I am having spicy hot V8 for lunch at the momwnt.

It appears that my response to stress is to eat junky foods. Ramen noodles with cheese and chocolate frozen dairy product (chocolate oreo cookie ice cream) and a nap later, I feel salty, bloated and a little shaky. Even the dog looks depressed! My man sounds like he is doing good so that is the most important thing. I'm going to take this cute little dog for a walk and then to a Spinning class to burn off some carbs. then make chicken soup.

Rereading this it looks like I took the dog to Spin class, that would be a hoot. Unfortunately he has been spending a lot of time in his crate while I try to do things and go back and forth to the hospital.

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