Thursday, July 26, 2012

What a difference

waking up this morning was compared to yesterday. It was fine, the cat came in to snuggle and purr, my dreams, while strange (involved a drunken Gywnnth Paltrow yelling at me) were nothing too bad, and all limbs were happily mobile. Training stress is nothing compared to the stress of dealing with an illness, even someone else's. We even had a nice little spat this morning, so all is back to normal.
I've found that taking the recovery time after lifting as seriously as the training itslef makes a big difference in how good I feel and perform. After lifting last night I had 3 chicken patties (what? they are small), a spinach salad and cup of almond milk. This covered protein, fat, fresh veggies and calcium to go to work repairing and building tissue. I need to make the effort to do this more often, bet my lifts would go up insanely. The battle of self-improvement vs self-indulgence continues! Today I may do some easy recovery, Spin class.

Something that has been bugging me for weeks, my bench press, max at 105, 90-95 3 reps is good compared to the other logs of women I consider close to my level of lifting and my deadlift and press (when I check it) are too, yet my squat consistently lags behind. I know intellectually I should have been squatting 145 months ago but there is a mental block when it comes to squats I MUST break through. It's like the lift has to be virtually easy to do before I have the nerve to go up in weight.

And another thing. It's almost lunch time, the kitchen is stocked with tuna, eggs, chicken, fresh veggies, virtually anything I could want and I am too lazy at the moment to bother with any of it. This must be how it feels to be a man. (kidding!)

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