Saturday, March 26, 2011

A better deadlift

First this, for one thing my dyslexia has been going through the roof, it is seriously easier for me to type the inverse of words so if you are reading the first draft of this I apologize. Also, woke up with a closed shut throat this morning. I am not even surprised, after the emotional and financial stress of the past two weeks it was inevitable that my body reacted somehow, first with bloat and now this. It wasn't so bad to keep me in bed all day and I went to the gym

Good warmup on the elliptical, 12 bodyweight back extensions, 3x8xsled hack squats. Starting Strength refuses to acknowledge the existence of this exercise as a good thing, but it feels like a good and decent barbell squat stand-in and really targets my glutes. I'm keeping it unless I read some compelling evidence that hack squats are physically bad. Dumbell bech press, 1x8x15, 1x5x20, 1x5x25, 2x5x30, 1x4x30, oh yeah.Bench worked up to 3x5x65. Back extensions 1x12x5lb plate. Deadlifts, 1x3x95, 1x3x115, 1x3x135! Got the big wheels back on it. Last set of back extensions 1x12x10 and I was done. Came home, had 2 Reeses peanut butter cups, refridgerated, the best way to have them, and a tuna sandwich. Then I tried to sleep through this cold but woke up with the damn thing still there.

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