Monday, March 21, 2011

Building back up to my deadlift

It was another rehab session, so I don't have that pleasantly wiped out feeling after that I crave, but if i'm back up to par and better on lifts soon it will be worth it. Warmed up on the elliptical, 1x15xbodyweight back extension, 3x8x sled on hack squats. I had no idea those would be so tough, considering it's a machine and all. Now that it was hard and new I am compelled to add those in on non-barbell squat days. Cool. Down to business, dumbell bench presses, 1x8x15, 1x6x20, 3x5x25. Incline bench press 1x8x45, 1x6x50, 3x5x55. Another set of back extensions with a five lb plate. Deadlifts, 1x5x95, 1x5x115, 2x3x115. Back extensions w a 10 lb plate and outta there.

Came home and made a delicious sandwich with two pieces of whole-grain bread, toasted, one slice of Sargento's cheddar cheese, a sauteed piece of salmon, and tartar sauce. The tartar sauce consisted of chopped up fresh dill, half a handfull, 2 tablespoons of chopped scallions, two tablespoons of Hellman's mayo and a dash of garlic salt. Yummy stuff. Tomorrow night is Spinning at 5:15 w/ megan, I must remember to text Mel to see if she wants to meet me there. The gym isn't as packed anymore, looks like the resolutioners are petering out.

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