Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crap workout

First of all, I hate going light on a training session. The weights I push and pull are already much less then I want them to be, so going less then balls-out is just, ugh. But my lower back isn't back to where it was before last Friday's session and this weekend and week so far have been stressful emotionally. I think the stress took more out of me then the back pain, seriously I feel more like tinker-fucking-bell then Wonder Woman and it is unfamiliar and sucks. So, before I faint away, I did a warmup on the elliptical, 20 bodyweight back extensions, some bullshit assisted pullups and dips. Dumbell bench press up to 25 lbs a hand, the reg bench needed a spot at 70 lbs. A set of 12 rep deadlifts with just the bar! and another set of unweighted back extensions. Stretched and showered. I want to be back to normal by Friday.

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