Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spinning fixes everthing!

It fixed that annoying knee crunchiness at least. Today I opted out of 6am Spin, which was difficult. When I started showing up there, everyone was like, "You're back!" as if there are no other hours in the day one could possibly work out, and frankly, every later hour of the day is more inviting to me. So, when I don't go they assume I'm home eating bon-bons the whole time I guess. Also the super-cute trainer who works there is there in the mornings usually, and when he made an appearance last night I told him I would be in this morning. However, I am lifting tonight and want to be 100%. Tonight is squats, overhead press and power cleans, so a relatively light weight but very vigorous session.

In other news, I changed isp's from Verizon to Brighthouse this weekend. Here is a recap of my experiences with both. Verizon is great as far as the actual service you buy. When we had a land-line phone there were no issues with it and the dsl internet was fine and fast. The problem with Verizon is when you need to make changes. Their billing department is completely whacked out. I moved to NY for a while in 2009, and wanted to transfer my internet service. Well, you can't do that, so to avoid being hit with ungodly disconnect fees we put it on hold here and I had to start up a whole new account there. Then, when I came back I had to pay over $200 of 'disconnect' fees even though I was really just transferring the service to my new Fl address. In the meantime, they started billing the Fl address for the dsl line for the whole time it was supposed to be 'on hold' (their idea!) So, we got tired of fighting with them and I decided to go with Brighthouse.

We already have BH for their overpriced DVR service, so it was easy to set up an appointment for a tech to set it up. Unfortunately, I got the cable guy from HELL! Rude, he acted like such a dick when I didn't want to pay $150 for him to 'set up' wireless, which actually meant he had to disable the wireless that it already came with. he barged in and out without asking, dragged furniture across the hardwood floor and was just an intimidating dick.

I couldn't lock the door behind him fast enough. Ah well, at least I am online.

Browsing the Starting Strength forums and it reminded me of something. As mentioned in previous threads, when I go to the gym to lift I am covered from head to toe, yoga pants, two sports bras and t-shirt worn backwards to eliminate as much cleavage as possible. So, last night I walk in to Spin in a regular v-neck sleeveless training top, bright green, and black stretchy bike shorts. Sitting by the door is a young guy who lifts sometimes, when he saw me his eyes bugged out and he said, "It must be really hot out there!" Cracked me up!

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