Friday, March 4, 2011

Switching it up

March is long, so I am going to do something different as far as lifting goes. This month's lift sessions will be, squats and overhead press, 5 sets of five. A day off or cardio, then bench press and deadlifts, 5 sets of five. Day off/ cardio then squat/ bench/ overhead press and on this one my bench will use dumbbells instead of the barbell. So I'm giving power cleans a break for a month even though they are fun to do and will see what happens.


  1. so..... ur gonna do my minimalist program? sweet.

    here is the link to alexander faleev's original lift program- i tweaked it for 3 day per week and added ohp. ... hp?t=13773

    and here i thought nobody read my lifting log...

  2. Yeah! Well, I discovered that cardio and lifting does kinds beat me up and your program is appealing. Thanks!