Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Estrogen withdrawal

Easing off the Pill has been going okay, the only pms-like symptoms I have so far is a desire for chocolate and being a touch more emo then usual. As that is far better then the cold-turkey experience a couple of years ago it's okay. My back is still stiff as hell, bending all the way over to pick things from floor level is the worst, unless it gets better soon I may be feeding the cats on the counter. Tuesday evenings is when my favorite Spin instructor teaches and I want to go to that class. No idea if that will make it worse of better so I am in the deciding process. I do think deadlifts are out for tomorrow and I will replace them with the assisted dip and pullup machine, hope bench presses will be okay to do. Going to extend the warmup to an easy 30 minutes too.

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