Sunday, March 13, 2011

Strawberry Festival

That was fun. As we approached the street the GPS said we were to turn on, an old man waving a $5.00 Parking sign got out attention and we parked in his yard, only to find tons of parking closer, most of it the same price or less! But what the hell he was a nice old guy at least. We went in a walked around, not being personally into rides i was mostly observing until we came across a mechanical bull- oh yeah. I hopped on and he threw me off a few seconds later with the greatest of ease. That was a mixture of exhilarating and bummer, but a nice man and has daughter decided to try after me, and I stayed on much longer then either of them. No matter what my boyfriend says. A little further down the midway was the climbing wall, and, having no dignity at all, I went for that too. Again, I crapped out at the end, my right leg was shaking like crazy. Clearly, I need to get in better shape if only for carnival fun.

Still, it was a good time and I felt no guilt chowing down on a pot-roast sandwich afterward. Still a little stiff in the lower back from Friday, Monday's training will be squats and presses along with the sets of back extensions. So the plan is 80 lb squats, watch form. 60 lb presses, 25 reps of them one way or another, so an increase in press weight and staying at last weeks' squat weight which was an increase over the last time.

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