Saturday, March 19, 2011

Strong training session

Good workout today, squatted 3x5x80, thru in a 1x5x85 then backed down 5 rep sets to 65- which was the weight I was stuck at for so long! Four sets of back extensions building up to 20lbs, presses 4x3x60, then some more rehab deadlifts, 2x5x95. I feel strangely undepleted right now, post workout which I attribute to generously drinking coffee and eating carbs earlier today (Ramen noodles, then ice cream!) but my belly is sticking out bloatedly. If it isn't one thing it's another. Heh, I have two made-up words in this post so far (bloatedly and undepleted). So the next workout will be Monday night, dumbbell bench presses, some incline bench presses, then more rehab deadlifts at 2x5x115. Tuesday afternoon Spin class unless I get up early enough to take the 6am class. I love that class but getting up so early messes up the rest of the day, I start falling asleep or yawning loudly at inappropriate times. Weds squats, going for 3x3x85 to top out and must remember to stick that butt out. Also presses Weds, as many 60pounders as I can do, goal of 3x5x60. Time to get some protein in.

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