Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hmm, inconvienient time for yoga

There is a class at four today, kind of a wierd time on a Sunday so I'm waffling on rather to make it or not. I could use a class though, feeling stiff and awkward after the very good training session yesterday. I need new running shoes too but am so broke! Maybe the man will buy them for me. There is only one month before the trail run, which is when it was suggested to me to run more and lift less, but lifting is going so well lately I don't want to stop and mess up the momentum. Also, I'd love to go really low carb and drop some flab but don't know what that will do as far as my goals for both lifting and running go.


I went to the class. At first I thought the instructor was a crazy control freak, and she may be, but she was also pretty funny and seems to know her stuff. That was the good part. The bad was the hot room- this wasn't hot yoga- super bright in my eyes flourescent lights, no fan and bitchy little lady insisting it not be turned on, no music. I don;t know if I'll take her class again or not.

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