Thursday, February 9, 2012

Now I appreciate my gym more

It didn't work out. The gym owner had personal stuff to do and had to leave, so wasn't there to coach me on bench. I decided to do my regular workout starting with squats, and wouldn't you know the only other person in the place came over to help me with bad advice (don't squat so low, look up at the ceiling, etc.). My squats sucked more then they ever had, I failed 135 and the floor under the squat rack was uneven. I also failed 65 lb overhead press and said the hell with it and left. I had a pity-party at home that involved filet mignon, wine and tequila.

Reviewing the week, I had my period, got sick and cut carbs so the PR Monday was a gift. The crap session Weds was a lesson. I'm carb-loading via Ramen for running tonight and taking it easy otherwise. I have plans early Friday evening so I need to lift early in the day for that, so Friday 3 x 3 x 135 squats, 3 x 3 x 65 overhead press, 3 x 5 x 85 bench press.

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