Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Waiting for a call

Ran yesterday, it was better then last time, I got 2 .75 mile run intervals and totaled 4 miles before cooling down. I stayed sweaty and flushed even after the shower though, part of being sick I guess. Last night was rough, couldn't breathe through my nose for a while there, now its running again. The original plan for today was to find out when all of the big bench press guys do their thing at Lionheart and get a day pass to train there and get some tips for my bench.
However, I got his voice mail so not sure what will be up. I did remember to call a meat market that was recommended a couple of weeks ago and order a bunch of protein, and am going to pick that up around 4, which now means my time frame for training is limited. I'll call Steve in a couple of hours if he doesn't get back to me. Weds are a crappy (busy) night to train at my gym, it would be good for a change of pace.

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