Sunday, June 19, 2011

Changing my mind

I was going to do jump squats today (I usually alternate heavy and jump squats to relieve the grind of heavy squats every time) But today I am curious if the advice given me on staying strong during squats as well as not wimping out at the end will see me to a successful range of work sets. The new plan is squats at 3x5x105 lbs, overhead press 60 lbs 3x5, and power cleans 5x3x80. Recording them is probably a good idea too, I imagine the gym will be pretty empty today considering it is Father's Day. My dad's spirit would approve of a training session today in his honor.

Coffee is brewing. As skinny boys are encouraged to take advantage of the growth hormones found in a gallon of milk a day, so unskinny ladies of a certain age should be allowed the energizing effects of caffeine. Half an hour after that is consumed will be gym time. I am not sure if I will be able to get to the gym tomorrow as I am on niece watch duty until an unspecified time, but if making the 7pm Spin class is possible I will go.

Setting in my mind that my Dad was there helping the lifts helped along with Kyle's voice in my ear saying I could do it - I made every rep of every set. Awesome training session today.

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  1. Well done. As you referred to in your previous post, simply stopping is not "failing" a set, it's just stopping. Failing is when you go down and can't get back up, choosing to stop is something different.

    At some point we all reach a lift where we're scared to even try, or try another rep. That's exactly when the most strength gains happen. So it's more important than ever not to give up! If you wuss out of an easy set, nothing much was lost; if you wuss out of a hard set, you lose a lot of potential growth in strength.

    Everyone fails sometimes, that's okay. That's what we have the safety bars for, or spotters - so that nothing is hurt except our egos.

    It's okay to fail. It's not okay to just give up.