Thursday, June 30, 2011

Backwards on deadlifts

Tonight's session wiAGGRH cats do not care what one is trying to do!

Ok. So, tonight will be jump squats, 1x10xbar, 4x10x55, then bench press with the standard bar to as much weight for reps as possible. I will record it after. Deadlifts, down to 135 2x5 and video-record them for form check.

Here is what sucks. Resigned to lowering the deadlift weight, again, I then see a video someone posted of a knock-kneed 15 year-old girl pulling 200 lbs. Not a 15 y/o gymnast or sporty-looking girl, a totally thin little Bambi. WTF.

Home from the gym, today I tried something new: writing down my sets as completed while in the gym. Novel idea, right? After a ten minute warm-up on the Arc-Trainer and 25 back extensions, jump squats. 1x10xbar, 4x10x55, then 1x7x55, I had to stop due to lost form. Basically, I loosened up my upper back and the bar was smooshing down.
Standard bench press, 2x8xbar, 1x5x55, 1x5x65, 4x5x75. Best bench press sets ever. This was either because I was just doing it wrong before- press up from my feet too and get down below the uprights so they are out of the way? Who knew? Lots of people apparently, and now me too. Or the improvement came about from the dumbbell bench pressing I have been doing for the last three weeks. That is cool.
Deadlift, 1x5x115, 2x5x135, I'll upload the clip.

Bloody barbell complex and other workouts to try LINK

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