Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First workout at the new gym

The plan is to join the new gym today and go over my current workout plan, a slightly re-arranged Starting Strength, with the owner Steve. Today's workout would normally be, jump squats, 1x10xbar, 3x12x55, overhead press 3x5x60lbs, hang cleans, 5x3x80 if possible, I had to drop down to 75 last week after failing them alot. Now, they have a lot of success with powerlifters at this gym, so the thing will be if I let go of the workout plan I have been doing and go with something else or not, not too sure about that.

Oops, change of plan. This is what happens when posting at four am. I forgot that today is Weds and it is abs class day. Now, yes one can work abs on one's own, but this class is not to be missed. In a regular Pilates-type abs class it is mostly silent women and very boring, but this one has a good 50-50 split. The guys in the class make these dramatic moans and groans whenever it gets difficult which cracks me up, and thus a must attend in spite of the fact that it is an annoyingly busy night to train. In other news, I did not sleep well last night at all, as the four am post should demonstrate, Ugh!

Update: The abs class did not disappoint, fun yet hard at the same time. Once in the weight room, I started w jump squats, 1x10xbar, 5x8x55. Next overhead press 3x5x60, I must go to Lowe's or somewhere for those washers to microload this, can't wait to get stronger. On that note, I forgot to see if they even had little plates at the new gym. Those guys who train there are awfully big so I don't know. Hopefully the 2.5 lb plates are standard in gyms. Then, power cleans 5x3x75- and this time they were real cleans. I figured out that four of those step risers equals the distance of a 45lb plate from the floor, and a guy was using the power rack, so i improvised. Pretty sure my form is still crappy when it comes to the squat at the end, I need to get Rip's dvd. What do you know, it's only $20! It is on the way, with shipping it still came to under $23.

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