Friday, June 17, 2011

Thinking about deadlifts

Today will make two dead sessions this week, and Monday's was rough on my back, but the stiffness went away by Weds. So, the plan is to do 1x5x135, then try 2x5x145 but rest for a longer time between the two heavy sets. This will be after squatting 3x5x105, success in that means 5 more pounds on the bar next time Whoohoo!! Also dumbbell bench presses3x5x35, one handed 3x4x30, and I may reverse the order of that to prioritize the one-handed, will decide at the gym.

I'm also going to record myself squatting and deadlifting, if the clips are decent (at least, if I think they are) I'll upload them to youtube and send a couple of trusted people the link. If they want to look at that and give me feedback, that will be great. I'm still too weird about Internet privacy to post them here tho, esp when I see where some of my views came from yikes! There are some disappointed porn searchers out there when all they get is my training log.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a plan.

    If doing one-limbed versions of a lift, I like to do the two-limbed version first as a warmup.

    Privacy is no worse with youtube than with having a blog. I would just advise you to disable comments, some comments will be sleazy, most will just be stupid and unhelpful. But of course you have to do what you're comfortable with.

    That said, experienced and competent people at your gym should be able to give you better advice seeing your lifts in person.