Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I just had to do it.

Even though yesterday was a scheduled light squat day, I had to try and go for 105. It went 3x3x105, 2x4x105 being spotted. The spot didn't work out so well, I get too distracted, but the squats were good if not numerous and I plan to fix that next heavy squat day. Tomorrow, I will jump squat 1x10xbar, 3x10x55. Bench 3x5x75, dumbell bench 30lb DBs 3x4, one-hand DBs 3x5x25. Then deadlift 1x5x145. This will be Weds night which means I will take the abs/core class first.
Other then that, the gym has been fun. I met two new people, a guy named Danny who's teenage daughters come in a goof around, but not for too long, and a huge Russian named Ben who looks like he knows what he is doing. Wish I was better at understanding accents. Spending time with my niece has given me the ability to have decent conversations with 5 year olds, so maybe I will get used to the accent in a similar way via repeated exposure.

Also, a lady who I often see at Spin class mentioned that she wasn't getting the results she wanted from Spinning, so I invited her to lift with me afterward. About my height and somewhat softer, medium build, I thought she would love the results in a couple of months. Well, she took one look at the squat rack and barbell, stammered something about not being able to do it and practically ran out of the place. So much for my potential partner. Sheesh, I told her we would start with just the bar, there is even a lighter bar that I used when starting. That was kind of weird. Oh well.

So, tomorrow, abs, jump squats, bench, and deads. Today, Spin.

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