Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Form check

The Starting Strength DVD came yesterday, and I have been working my way through it, much to the dismay of my man who isn't as interested in weightlifting form. I did a modified volume day in the gym to implement the form tips. One thing I noticed is that I did get a lot out of the book after ordering it nine months ago, and changed my form as it got harder. As far as squats go that meant raising the bar higher on my back and changing neck position from looking down to up. Today was all about going back to the original form with the bar lower on my back and eyes on a point five feet ahead looking at the floor. Squat work sets were good, 5x5x95. (90% of regular 5 rep weight) Overhead press, more form which I had forgotten about most notably the shrug at the top was ok, 5x5x55. Then deadlifts which still need work but tightening my lats helped. 1x5x145. Next plan is to increase squat weight to 110lbs and order 1.25lb weight plates as soon as all the bills are paid. Work has been brutally slow lately so I can't justify another gym membership right now.

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