Saturday, June 4, 2011

Good squat day

Today I squatted 3x5x100 no problem. Do you have any idea how much enjoyment I get out of typing that? A lot. So, next time I am going for 105. Then, bench 3x4x75, single arm dumbbell bench 3x5x25. Deadlift 2x5x135, two sets of back extensions. I repped out the deads as it has been a sticking point for me, I think it has to be a back strength issue as I never feel it in my glutes and legs. The plan is that power cleans will make my back stronger too. Monday will be jump squats at 55lbs, overhead press 60 lbs, power cleans at 75lbs, so the only weight increase is for overhead press and I will work on reps for the cleans as well as making that lift technically better. I'll probably Spin beforehand. Side note, the gym had its annual Spin-o-rama today which is when people spin for up to three hours for charity. Never have I seen more unhappy looking folks!

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